Sagittarius May 2013 Horoscope

Sagittarius May 2013 Horoscope: Love & Relationships

With a lot of earth's transiting your house of love and eroticism, the gateways of interest are begin to you. You can now absolutely appreciate the significant opportunities, especially since the innovator of your house of associates, Mercury, has come out of its retrograde action.

May 2013 will be a excellent period, in which you can meet the right individual, re-launch your already present relationship, find out new abilities as regards sex or have fun with your affiliate.

Stars will be beneficial to you all the 1 month in May 2013, but especially in the first element of it. Enjoy!

Sagittarius May 2013 Horoscope: Money & Career

May 2013 assures to provide you execute prospective, performance and professional satisfactions.

It's actual that stress will be higher, that you'll have to create projects, invest a lot of energy, but the results will validate it was value it.

The first element of May 2013 will enhance the impressive part and provide excellent promotion conditions.

The second element of the 1 month will be stressful and more perfectly task-oriented. Better you'll execute and the more disciplined you'll be, the more recognizable the enhancement will be.

Financially, the effort will be paid accordingly.

Sagittarius May 2013 Horoscope: Health & Fitness

The relaxation will be quite excellent all the 1 month in May 2013, and even excellent in the first 50 %.

In the second element of the 1 month, although you'll have excellent actual energy, there can appear stress, over solicitation or get in touch with with serious times, brief, fast-developing conditions, inflammations, strikes, accidents, accidents.

Another scenario is also possible: that you'll expose higher interest in solving some healthcare conditions, weight loss programs or visual methods.